Ina Garten Making a Giant Cosmo at 10 a.m. Is Peak Quarantine

Ina Garten's cheeky instructional cosmo video is giving everyone life right now.

Ina Garten has always had an inspiring, it's-five-o-clock-somewhere approach to life. But, apparently, "it's always cocktail hour in a crisis," as The Barefoot Contessa wrote in the caption of a new Instagram video in which she makes an absolutely gargantuan cosmopolitan at 10 a.m. The video, of course, went viral and had everyone wanting an Ina Garten cosmo.

"During these stressful times, it's really important to keep traditions alive," she says in the video. "My favorite tradition is the cocktail hour."

With her natural locks and her sensible linen blouse, she could just as well be your mom's friend Susan, who doesn't really watch the news but knows that day-drinking on a Tuesday is currently socially acceptable.

Garten's cosmo recipe calls for "two cups of vodka," but she pours the entire Grey Goose bottle into her giant pitcher. Next is "one cup of Cointreau or triple sec, any kind of orange liqueur." But again, she breezily pours that entire bottle in as well. Add some cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lime juice, but remember that it's "gotta be freshly squeezed" because we're not animals, after all.

She then brings out a cocktail shaker the size of a club—which you have to wonder whether she acquired precisely for life in quarantine or simply had lying around the house. According to Garten, you must "shake it for at least 30 seconds." "You've got the time, it's not a problem," she adds wryly.

Finally, she pours it all into a glass so large it looks like an optical illusion, and tells us to "stay safe" before taking a sip of her monstrous concoction.

The video immediately went viral and even fellow celebrities couldn't get over it.

"That was so great!" Nancy Meyers commented.

"This. Is. Iconic," Katie Couric wrote.

Reese Witherspoon posted several "crying while laughing" emojis, which suggest she approves as well.

It seems like Ina Garten's cosmo video is here to tell us not to feel pressured by all of those inspiring articles urging us to be productive and use this time in quarantine to pen the next great American novel or do enough stress-crunches to develop a six pack.

This is a crisis and, in a crisis, you have to put your oxygen mask on yourself first. You wanna throw your hands up in the air and make a mid-morning cocktail? Go right ahead, sweetie. Live a little! Just don't forget to freshly squeeze the lime because we can't let society crumble entirely.

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