Ikea's First Planning Studio in the U.S. Is What Home Decor Dreams Are Made of

Here's a first look inside the very first stateside studio.

Interior of the New York City Ikea Store

Ikea is launching something brand-new in the U.S. The Swedish home superstore is opening up its first stateside Ikea Planning Studio, a space that features "inspirational room settings focused on helping customers discover products and solutions suited for city living."

The studio will open on April 15 in New York City's Upper East Side. (Previously, New Yorkers had to travel outside of the city for adorable home accents and storage units.)

All over the store, Ikea will offer ideas for everything from small studio spaces to DIY home renovation projects. And if, like us, you simply can't wait to see what this new Ikea Planning Studio has to offer, then keep reading to take a sneak peek inside the new store.

On the top level of the three-floor Ikea Planning Studio, you'll find plenty of inspiration for bedroom spaces of all shapes and sizes. If and when you end up finding something to your liking, an employee can help you order the item for home delivery.

Ikea Showroom NY

There will plenty of throw pillows and side tables for every budget. And if you're serious about making major changes to your home, you can even schedule a free one-on-one-appointment with a home or kitchen planner via the Ikea Planning Studio to turn your dreams into a reality.

Ikea Studio NY

Below is what Ikea calls a "grid room." It's where customers can go to "bring planning to life" and get a better sense of what their furniture will look like within certain dimensions.

Ikea store New York

Just like at any other Ikea store, the New York Ikea studio features a wide variety of showrooms with different styles of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Ikea Studio New York

Between the store's basement, the ground floor, and the upper level, there are plenty of places for you to find inspiration for your next renovation or decor do-over.

Ikea New York

So, on April 15, if you're in New York, head to 999 Third Avenue to finally experience Ikea within the city limits. And if you happen to pick up one of those blue bags while you're shopping, make sure to read up on the 10 Creative Other Uses for Your Blue Ikea Bags.

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