This Genius Filtering Water Bottle Is 20 Percent Off—But it Won't Last Long

Dehydration doesn't stand a chance this summer with one of these genius bottles in tow.

If drinking water tends to be an afterthought for you on busy days, you're not alone. According to one 2018 survey from Quench, 80 percent of working Americans admit that they're not drinking enough water on a daily basis. And with coronavirus still spreading throughout the United States and beyond, the odds you'll feel comfortable grabbing a drink from a public water fountain anytime soon are likely slim. Luckily, with one of Hydros' genius filtering water bottles, you can have clean, delicious filtered water ready to drink throughout the day.

The company's BPA-free bottles, carafes, and pitchers filter water five times faster than standard filtering containers, meaning you won't have to wait to enjoy a crisp, refreshing sip of water again. Each vessel is equipped with a sustainable 100 percent coconut shell carbon filter that's easy to insert and replace.

Better yet, Hydros is discounting these stylish bottles for new customers with a 20 percent off promo code.

You can try the 20-oz bottle, which is perfect for toting in your gym bag.

green hydros water bottle outdoors
$20 at Hydros
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If you want enough water on hand to last you throughout the day, there's this elegant 40-oz carafe.

hydros carafe
$24 at Hydros
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And if you're hosting company, this 60-oz pitcher is a sleek and stylish way to keep everyone happy and hydrated.

hydros pitcher with raspberries
$32 at Hydros
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Want to score one for yourself? Use code WELCOME20 at checkout and you can enjoy 20 percent off your purchase!

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