Hundreds of Corgis Just Descended on Washington, D.C.—and the Photos Are Adorable

The weather forecast in the nation's capital? A strong chance of corgnado.

Hundreds of Corgis Just Descended on Washington, D.C.—and the Photos Are Adorable

On Sunday, hundreds of corgis (and their humans) in Washington D.C. gathered at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial for “Derpin’ in DC.'” “The Million Corg March,” as it was named this year, is the fourth edition of this annual festival, which brings the corgi community together for a day of fun, cuddles, and belly rubs. Based on the photos, it appears this year’s mingle was a huge success, and for just a few hours, the doom and gloom of our nation’s capital was broken by the goofy grins of these majestic beasts. Check out some of the best photos below. And if you’re mulling over whether or not to get one yourself (do it!), read 50 Corgi Facts That Will Make You Want a Corgi!

I’ll Take a Venti Please

There was a corgi dressed up as a Starbucks macchiato.


million corg march

There were corgis being carted around in baby strollers like the royalty they are.

A Fresh Batch

million corg march

There was an Old Man Corg being carted around and feeling very good about it.

Celeb Sightings

There were some celebs present, chiefly in the form of Wally the Welsh Corgi, who is Insta-famous. And if you can’t get enough dog photos, don’t miss these 40 Dogs So Ugly They’re Actually Cute.

Smiles Galore

corgi march

All despair withers and dies under the beaming power of this grin.

Keeping It Cool

This corg is really rocking his inner Tom Cruise.


He can and will lick your face off.

Enjoying the Scenery

Some really took advantage of the fall foliage.

Getting All the Love

Corgi snuggles are the best snuggles.

Fluffy behind!

Of course, no corgi meet-up is complete without the fluffy behind! For more great dog photos, see these 25 Photos Proving That Dogs Are the Best Co-Workers.

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