How to Handle a Peer Who Acts Like He's the Boss

How to put an overreacher in his place.


My colleague barks orders as if he's my boss. How do I rein him in? – George K., Harrisburg, PA

Sounds like your colleague suffers from a common corporate ailment: acquired numbnuts. All the crap he has taken from his boss has trickled into his head and made him rancid. Leading such a person back into the world of decent people begins with a simple gesture: Say hello to him. You'd be amazed at how much it's appreciated by guys freezing their asses off in the corporate tundra. You might also buy him lunch or a drink.

If all else fails, implement the cold shoulder. It's remarkable how nice people become when you throw the Golden Rule at them.

—Gill Schwartz, an executive vice president for a Fortune 500 company

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