The Single Best Way to Fold Your Shirts

Time to look more ready-to-wear and less worse-for-wear.

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Even the most ardent morning people rarely relish the thought of ironing their work shirts before the sun has begun to peek over the horizon. Unfortunately, for many people who are less-than-diligent about hanging their button-front shirts—or those with little closet space to spare—that means those shirts are left crumpled in a pile or stuffed into a drawer, leaving them looking more worse-for-wear than ready-to-wear.

However, keeping your shirts wrinkle-free and neatly stored is simple. Just start with these easy tips, straight from a professional organizer. And for more simple ways to make your home more organized in a heartbeat, discover these 33 Items You're Storing All Wrong.

Step 1: Start with a rectangle.

folding shirt rectangle
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Professional organizer and master-certified KonMari consultant Karin Socci, owner of The Serene Home, suggests following Marie Kondo's lead and imagining that your folding technique will yield a rectangular garment before you make so much as a single crease.

Step 2: Fold the sides of the shirt toward the center.

folding shirt

First, lie your shirt on a flat surface with the buttons facing down. Make your first fold so that the sleeve on the left crosses the center of the shirt at the back of the garment. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Flatten the sleeves.

folding shirt

Fold each sleeve so it rests vertically along one of the folded sides of the shirt with the cuff of the sleeve pointing toward the garment's hem.

Step 4: Fold upward.

folding shirt

The next step? "The entire shirt is folded," says Socci. Start this process by folding the hem of the shirt upward so that it hits the shirt halfway up the back, then fold one more time so the center of the shirt is just below the back collar.

Step 5: Fold in half and store

folding shirt
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Next, simply fold the shirt in half below the collar and put it away for safekeeping. Despite the many folds, the shirt will stay wearable. "It's amazing how wrinkle-free they stay this way!" says Socci. And for more easy organizational tips, this is The Single Best Way to Fold Your Jeans.

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