How to Burn Belly Fat Without Running

How do I burn belly fat without doing a running or biking interval workout? My waistline has expanded this winter. –Dave R., Irving, Texas

Start doing this medicine-ball circuit twice a week to build muscle and melt fat.

Parallel Throw

Stand four feet from a brick wall and hold a 10-pound ball at waist level (one hand under, one behind). Rotate your torso to the right, cocking the ball to the side of your hip. Twist back toward the wall, pushing with your legs as you release the ball (see below). Don't move your feet. Catch and repeat 10 times on each side.

Overhead Throw

Continue facing the wall, but hold the ball behind your head. Throw and catch 10 times, moving only your shoulders.

Perpendicular Throw

Using the same technique as the parallel throw, toss and catch the ball first with your left shoulder facing the wall, and then with your right. Repeat 10 times. Rest 60 seconds, and then repeat the full circuit.

— Mark Verstegen, a world-renowned performance coach and author of Every Day is Game Day and Core Performance

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