One Third of Americans Would Give Up Alcohol to Never Do Housework Again, Survey Finds

What would you do to get out of mopping and laundry?

If you really hate doing household chores, you're definitely not alone, according to a new survey from OnePoll commissioned by Yelp. The pollsters surveyed more than 2,000 Americans who live with a partner about their housework woes, and found that the lengths that people would be willing to go to never pick up a mop again are pretty extreme—at least in theory.

Over a third (37 percent) said they'd be willing to give up alcohol if it meant never doing housework again, while 26 percent said they'd add an hour to their commute each way, 24 percent said they'd relinquish their smartphones, and 23 percent said they'd be willing to shave their heads. Meanwhile, 21 percent said they'd even give up sex!

That's probably because housework is a huge stressor in relationships: 80 percent of survey respondents said that they argue about cleaning. "Household responsibilities can be a huge time suck, so it's not surprising that couples often argue about the strain that can put on a relationship," Yelp Trend Expert Tara Lewis said in a statement.

But if you're both busy and find yourselves arguing over the dishes all too often, you might want to consider outsourcing the housework altogether. "At Yelp, we recently saw a spike in Americans outsourcing cleaning," Lewis said. "People are busy and over-scheduled and looking for ways to add hours to their day."

It might seem like a bit of an extravagant expense, but the survey's respondents estimated that they spend a little over 13 hours a week on household chores, which adds up to 690 hours a year. Having estimated their time to be worth around $64 per hour, the survey participants are spending more than $44,000 worth of their own time on housework. And, for what it's worth, the two thirds of participants who did outsource their housework said the decision had a positive impact on their relationship.

What's more, according to earlier 2019 research from Modern Castle, married couples with cleaner houses have 39 percent more sex than those with dirty ones. So hiring help is certainly something to consider the next time a dirty kitchen leads to a screaming match. And for more on how dividing up the chores can affect your marriage, check out These Habits Will Increase Your Chances of Divorce.

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