Fans Are Drooling Over This Character in the New Aladdin Remake

"Hot Jafar" is totally trending.

Marwan Kenzari

Disney's 1992 film, Aladdin, is an all-time favorite movie, especially among people who grew up in the early 90s. And while its leading villain, Jafar, was deliciously evil, he wasn't exactly a looker. I mean, even Iago the talking parrot was cuter than him.

But, on Sunday, Entertainment Weekly shared the first photos from the upcoming live-action remake of the film…

…and let's just say that Jafar has experienced what the Internet would refer to as a massive "glo-up."

"Hot Jafar," as he has been dubbed, is played by Marwan Kenzari, a Dutch actor whose previously had roles in films like The Mummy (2017) and Ben-Hur (2016). As you can plainly see, he is a very attractive man.

So attractive, in fact, that Disney might have to change the ending, because Jasmine choosing Aladdin over Jafar is no longer remotely feasible.

Aladdin is cute and all, but no one could compete with this bod.

Plus, he looks like he throws one heck of a party.

And his sense of style is just the right amount of extra.

Give the people what they want, Disney!

So, sorry Aladdin, we're rooting for the baddie on this one.

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