Viral Video Captures Horse Running Back Into the California Wildfires to Save Two Horses

The horse went back into danger for the sake of their friends.

horse saves two horses in california wildfire

California is dealing with another round of devastating wildfires, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. While the largest blaze is the Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, there are several active wildfires within the state, including the Easy Fire outside Simi Valley near downtown Los Angeles, where video footage captured a horse running back into the blaze to save some fellow horses. The video, which was captured by a local CBS crew, shows a dark horse running off the highway and charging right into a road filled with smoke. Further footage shows the horse reuniting with a brown horse and a pony and leading them back to safety.

On October 30th, Twitter user George Whipple Jr. posted the video and it went viral with 6,000 retweets.

Whether or not the three horses are a family is unclear, but, either way, the horse's courage and loyalty touched many hearts.

Many people commented to say that it's proof that we do not deserve animals.

Moving as the video undoubtedly is, some experts chimed in to explain that the horse isn't "saving" the others, per se, so much as displaying herd behavior. Betsy Connolly, a local equine veterinarian, tweeted that "horses seek their herd mates when frightened," which "is why a lone horse will run back into a burning barn."

"Only the most alpha stallion or mare will take point when in danger," she wrote. "Horses live by the code: Stronger together."

But even if the horse wasn't necessarily trying to rescue anyone, sticking together in the face of danger is still an inspiring concept, and one that we as humans could all stand to get behind. And for another touching story about why we're better together, See Heartwarming Photos of Pets Reunited with Owners After the California Wildfires.

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