13 Hilarious Makeshift Home Office Setups People Created in Quarantine

In quarantine, your home office setup can include everything from ironing boards to recycling bins.

Many people had to start working from home almost overnight because of the coronavirus pandemic—so it's safe to say not everyone was prepared for the shift. Some folks have had to get a little creative when coming up with work stations in their homes and apartments. Their hilarious home office setups include everything from ironing board desks to water bottle stands. Please enjoy these 13 makeshift home "offices" that will have you both in stitches and in awe of what people can do when desperate times call for desperate measures.

1. Turns out, ironing boards make great desk extensions.

Don't have enough space on your small at-home desk? Take a page from professor Elizabeth Crooke's book and just add on an ironing board. Voilà! Extra space!

2. But they also just make great desks.

However, if you're like Jake Donaldson and don't have a desk at all, ironing boards can also be used as makeshift desks. Just make sure the legs are stable so that your computer doesn't come crashing down.

3. And liquor cabinets are the ideal standing desk height.

Happy hour still isn't until 5 p.m. But if you're fine with having all this alcohol staring you in the face all day, a liquor cabinet may be the perfect alternative standing desk setup.

4. Perhaps hallway offices will become a new trend.

Unfortunately for Jules Forrest, sharing a studio apartment means the front hallway is her office and the clothes hamper is her new desk. But hey, minimalism is all the rage in home décor, right?

5. Working from home doesn't mean you can't work outside.

Both Josh Mateo and his dog know that being quarantined doesn't mean you can't get a breath of fresh air. Just turn that recycling bin into your new standing desk!

6. People are using their chairs in innovative ways.

In quarantine, chairs don't have to be used as chairs. If you're looking for a makeshift standing desk, take that chair from the floor to the table and you can stand and type all day.

7. Because everyone is really missing their standing desks.

Working from home isn't exactly forgiving on your back. But if your standing desk is stuck back at the office, no worries—plopping your laptop on a stack of water bottles on the kitchen counter is a great substitution.

8. In fact, they're missing them so much that they'll work from the bathroom.

Mitali Chakraborty missed her standing desk so much she resorted to using her bathroom sink with a box stacked on top as an at-home version. (And before you ask, it seems her brother had taken over the kitchen table.)

9. Working from home could also mean working from the car.

Need a change of scenery but can't go inside anywhere to work? If you have a spoiler on your car, you can change "working from home" into "working from a parking lot."

10. Or it could mean working from your baby's high chair.

Apparently, Ikea baby high chairs can work just fine as desks. Who knew!

11. Who needs to buy an exercise bike desk when you can make your own?

Quarantine isn't stopping people's workouts. And luckily, there's no need to brave a panic-filled Walmart and drop hundreds on an exercise bike desk if you have a regular bike and a tall desk, as Manny Hernandez proved here.

12. Meanwhile, some people have had to transform their closets into offices.


To be fair, this closet setup looks bigger than some studio apartments. But we can see how working among your clothes is a bit claustrophobic.

13. And that goes for even the smallest of closets.

Honestly, the home office setup Shaun Hildner managed to create out of his tiny closet is both hilarious and inspiring.

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