This Hilarious Tweet Reveals the Perils of Online Shopping

One retail mix-up goes viral.

Dylan Evans wanted a pair of slacks and sunglasses from ASOS. Instead, he got a red dress.

With more and more millennials rejecting traditional retail therapy, online shopping has become the new norm for buying clothes. You can order whatever you want from the comfort of your bed, and avoid the hassle of waiting on endless lines into the dressing room. Items sold online are often cheaper than what you'll find in physical stores, there's more of a selection, and if you don't like it, you can usually send it back without paying a dime. But, as one tweet that is going viral shows, online shopping has its own perils.

Recently, Twitter user Dylan Evans ordered a pair of black pants and some sunglasses on the popular online retail store ASOS. Suffice it to say, what he received in the mail was not what he ordered.

"Ayy @ASOS (I might be wrong) but, I'm pretty sure you've sent me the wrong order…" he wrote in the caption.

To their credit, ASOS customer service responded quickly to the tweet, which has currently been retweeted almost 30,000 times, apologizing for the embarrassing mix-up and offering to immediately swap the dress out for his original order.

But users are commenting that the dress looks surprisingly fetching on Evans, and that he should keep it for posterity.

"I'm sorry, but you should just let him keep that because it's flawless on him and send him the correct order," one user wrote. "I mean, just think about the exposure this complete rocking of a red dress has already brought your brand. You can do a Out Rock Dylan tie-in contest, etc."

"I'm pretty sure they sent you the right order as that dress looks amazing 😉," another user echoed.

The dress really does hug his curves in an alluring way, but, Dylan, if you're looking to update your wardrobe with something designed to be worn by men, consider these 10 Must-Have New Spring Menswear Essentials.

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Diana Bruk
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