Hero Dog Miraculously Saves Owner—and Cat!—from a Burning House

Now, she needs your help.

On December 29, Donna Gagnon of Barnstead, New Hampshire, was awoken in the middle of the night by her dog, Precious. In doing so, the heroic 3-year-old border collie, who is deaf, alerted her owner that their home was on fire, and they managed to get out of the house before it burned down to the ground.

"That dog came up, woke up all the other dogs, woke us up and, literally, she's the reason we got out of the house, and I mean that," Gagnon told WCVB. "She is totally the reason we got out of the house."

But Precious' heroism didn't end there.

After guiding her owner and the other dogs to safety, she began digging through the debris of their property in order to save a kitten that had become trapped in the rubble. In the process, she injured her leg, and will now require surgery that costs between $9,000 and $12,000. It's a hefty price tag, but, as Gagnon puts it, "How do you turn your back, literally, on a dog that just saved your life?"

It's just the latest act of pet heroism that seems to suggest that—in addition to an alarm system, a smoke detector, and perhaps neighborhood watch—getting a dog may be the single smartest safety measure you and your family can do.

Last year was a veritable hall of fame for good-boy, life-saving behavior. Last June, a six-month-old puppy named Todd went viral for taking a bite to the face while protecting his owner from a rattlesnake. In July, Frida the Navy rescue dog got her very own statue as a tribute to her incredible ability to find people in the rubble of earthquakes. And, in December, a photo of a pack of stray dogs patiently waiting for their human to be released from the hospital went viral as a testament to their enduring love and loyalty.

But it's worth noting that not all dogs are quite so noble with their surprising intellect and cuddly appeal. If you run into this one, in Oklahoma, know that she just wants you to buy her a burger!

And if you'd like to help with Precious's veterinary bills, you can send donations made out to Donna Gagnon, 491 Beauty Hill Road in Center Barnstead, NH 03225.

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