Here's the Winona Ryder Shampoo Commercial Everyone's Talking About

"Everyone loves a comeback."

winona ryder loreal commercial

There were a few things that happened at the Golden Globes that got everyone on the Internet excited: celebrities brought activists as their dates, wore black and #TIMESUP pins to protest sexual harassment, and called for a brand new world without abuse in their acceptance speeches; Natalie Portman called out the fact that all of the nominees for Best Director were men as she presented the award; and, most importantly, Oprah gave a speech that simultaneously made everyone cry and feel empowered, as well as hopeful that she might run for president.

But one of the major talking points of the awards show didn't even happen during the ceremony. It was, oddly enough, a Loreal commercial that aired during one of the breaks.

The ad, which you can see in full below, is fairly standard in that it shows an actress in a long black gown, with luxurious brunette tresses of hair, nervously pacing around her dressing room as she prepares for a scene.

The thing that made it so titillating is that you couldn't really tell who it was. Keira Knightley? Penelope Cruz? Kate Beckinsale?

Finally, the mystery woman was revealed to be none other than Winona Ryder, and as she stepped out to the stage, the screen flashed the words, "Everyone Loves a Comeback," a reference to Ryder's return to television after over a decade out of the spotlight.

How this has anything to do with shampoo is anyone's guess, but people were here for it.

And no small wonder, given that the woman is basically ageless and she her face/hair could sell an old can of rotten milk if she wanted to.

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