Here's Why Everyone's Wearing Red Today

And why you should, too.

If you were a little taken aback by all of the people wearing red in the office this morning, don't worry, it's not Valentine's Day yet.

In addition to being Groundhog Day, February 2nd is national "Go Red For Women" day—an annual campaign by the American Heart Association to help raise awareness about heart disease, particularly among women. There's a widespread myth that men are more susceptible to heart attacks or strokes than women, but that's simply not true.

According to the American Hearst Association, more than one in three women has some type of cardiovascular issue, including nearly half of all African-American women and 34 percent of white women. And while heart disease has declined among men over the last 25 years, the progress with women has been much slower.

At the moment, heart disease continues to be the number one killer among women in America, claiming the lives of approximately 500,000 women a year. And yet, studies show that only around half of women are aware of its dangers.

So if you're not sure of what to wear today, try a little red! Most importantly, get the word out!

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And don't forget that having even just one cigarette per day can significantly increase your risk of heart disease.

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Diana Bruk
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