Here's the Shocking Number of People Who Check Their Phones During Sex

No scenario safe from a momentary Instagram break, apparently.

According to recent statistics, 39 percent of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are online "almost constantly," and an increasing body of research is revealing just how much this addiction to technology is destroying our lives. Staring at our screens all day is giving us tech-neck. "Phubbing" is hurting our relationships and making us depressed. And in a trend that is concerning everyone who wants the human race to continue, watching Netflix at night is killing our sex lives.

You figure that as bad as our tech addiction is, it can't be so intense as to cause people to actually check their phones while in the throes of passion, right?

Wrong. According to a study released from SureCall, a manufacturer of cellular signal boosters, that's not the case.

The company surveyed over 1,000 respondents, and found that 10 percent of them admitted to checking their phones during sex. To no one's surprise, the 18-34 age group was almost twice and likely to do so than those in the 35-51 age group. (Perhaps it's no wonder, then, that people over the age of 65 are having more sex than you'd expect. You might think that your grandma's aversion to social media is funny, but she's on to something.)

The SureCell study also found that 75 percent of respondent reported sleeping with their phone on or near the bed, a number that corroborates with scientific studies. This is not good, because recent research has found that falling asleep while being on your phone before you tuck yourself in for the night messes up your sleep cycle, increases your risk of depression and bipolar disorder, and makes you 10 percent more likely to die of any cause. A recent study even found that being exposed to any artificial light while you sleep makes you gain weight. That's why scientists are urging people to enact a 10 pm cut-off on all phone  usage, and why the clean sleeping trend suggests leaving your phone out of your bedroom altogether if you can.

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Diana Bruk
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