Here's the Gift Bill Gates Is Giving Every College Graduate This Year

Seriously. A gift for everyone with a fresh diploma!

bill gates, left handed

Billionaire and noted philanthropist Bill Gates is known for being a generous man. Ever since he's stepped away from the daily business of Microsoft, he and his wife, Melinda Gates, have shifted their focus to humanitarian efforts, and they've previously pledged to give away 95% of their fortune to charity. In fact, one of the quotes that Bill Gates, whose net worth is currently valued at $93.1 billion, lives by is that, "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."

For Gates, empowering others doesn't just mean giving them money or contributing to revolutionary methods of solving the world's clean water problems, though he does plenty of that. It also means giving people the gift of knowledge. Recently, he shared the five books that he thinks everyone should put on their reading list this summer, citing how they changed his ways of thinking.

One of those books was Factfulness, in which Professor of International Health and global TED phenomenon Hans Rosling and his colleagues revealed the ten instincts that distort our perception of the world.

"I've been recommending this book since the day it came out," he wrote. "Hans, the brilliant global-health lecturer who died last year, gives you a breakthrough way of understanding basic truths about the world—how life is getting better, and where the world still needs to improve. And he weaves in unforgettable anecdotes from his life. It's a fitting final word from a brilliant man, and one of the best books I've ever read."

In case that glowing endorsement wasn't enough, Gates is taking his love of the book one step further and giving it away as a gift to everyone graduating from college this spring. Every single one. All a college grad has to do is sign up to his website, Gates Notes, and enter the name of his or her university to download a free copy of this book.

In a blog post on his site, Gates wrote that he chose the book because it "has especially useful insights for anyone who's making the leap out of college and into the next phase of life" though he added that "everyone should read it."

He also encouraged us to take the following advice, courtesy of Hans Rosling, to heart: "When we have a fact-based worldview, we can see that the world is not as bad as it seems—and we can see what we have to do to keep making it better."

And for more books to put on your summer reading list ASAP, check out 40 Books Every Woman Over 40 Should Have on Her Bookshelf.

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