Here's the Bad Lip Reading of the Royal Wedding That Has Everyone Laughing

"I have a surprise for's a golden unicycle."

bad lip reading video of royal wedding

Given that they weren't wearing audio devices, most of the highlights from the Royal Wedding are purely visual. People loved the moment that Prince Harry mouthed the words "You look amazing" to Meghan Markle, but, in the absence of sound, he might just as well have said, "I like potatoes." Now, the geniuses who brought you the hilarious bad lip reading of Inauguration Day are back with an even more side-splitting bad lip reading of the royal wedding.

Now granted, we know that no one in the video actually said these things. But it's amazing how much it actually looks like Prince William really is casually asking Prince Harry how many animals he's killed as they sit inside Windsor Chapel.

Watch the 3:39 minute video below. And for more of the inside scoop on the big day, check out Here's Why Prince Harry's Exes Attended the Royal Wedding.

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