Here's the Awkward Moment When Ellen Called Jenna Dewan by Her Married Name

Remember: "Jenna Dewan Tatum" is officially no more.

Ellen accidentally called Jenna Dewan by her married name.

It's only been a month since Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced that they were separating after 9 years of marriage. And even though they'd apparently been separated for months and had clearly been having problems, fans have been holding out hope that maybe a reconciliation was still possible. At the very least, it wasn't so clear what we should actually call her during the divorce proceedings. Did she still want to be called Jenna Dewan Tatum? Or was that name gone for good?

Now we've got our answer, thanks to an awkward moment on the most recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show. While introducing the World of Dance star, Ellen accidentally called her "Jenna Dewan Tatum," then, looking mortified, immediately rectified her mistake and said "Jenna Dewan."

She apologized to the 37-year-old actress later on, saying, "I have to say, before we go to break, I'm so sorry. I introduced you and it was such a habit, and I have to say the way that you and Channing are handling everything is beautiful for your daughter and the statements have been great. And I apologize. I just have known both of you for so long, and I'm so used to saying, but…"

Dewan, on her part, totally understood, and simply said, "Honestly, thank you and everybody for all the love and support. It's truly, so amazing. It's all love," before hugging World of Dance co-star Jennifer Lopez. And for more up-to-the-minute culture coverage, don't miss this behind-the-scenes video of what Coachella is really like. 

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