Here's Meghan Markle's Sexy "Burger" Video to Heat up Your Day

Grilling never looked so sultry!

Ever since Meghan Markle became a member of the Royal Family, various videos of her past life as an actress and A-list celebrity have been making the rounds on the Internet. Shortly after the engagement was announced, a 2006 video of Markle serving as a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal went viral, reminding everyone that you can go from being a struggling actress to an actual princess in just 12 years.

Now, an even saucier (pun intended) video of the former Suits star grilling burgers for a Men's Health photo-shoot in 2013 has resurfaced.

In the "Ultimate Guy's Girl" video, Markle literally lets down her hair, slips out of her white blazer, ties her shirt into a crop-top, and flips burgers on a rooftop in NYC, as the Toy Soldiers rock hit "Wrecking Ball" plays in the background. In several shots, she flashes the camera a seductive look, and licks her fingers while taking a bite of the burger. It's sexy but tasteful (again, pun intended), and it's all you need to get into the mood for summer.

And for more of Markle's pre-princess days, check out the Swimsuit Photos Meghan Markle Deleted from Her Instagram.

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Diana Bruk
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