Khloe Kardashian Shows How to Exercise During Pregnancy—Photos

She's not letting her baby bump keep her away from the gym.

As any mother knows all too well, it's not easy to stay in shape when you're pregnant, especially if you've always struggled with weight.

For years, Khloe Kardashian, 33, was known as "the fat Kardashian," a moniker that brought her a lot of grief. In 2015, when her marriage to Lamar Odom began to crumble, she finally decided to take back her body, and debuted a stunning, slim and toned physique in January of last year. It took a lot of work to lose 40 pounds, which she did thanks to a strict diet and grueling fitness regime with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

After months of rumors, Khloe finally announced, via Instagram, that she's expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson a month ago. But it's no coincidence that the photo features her in a sports bra, as the celeb clearly doesn't plan on using her pregnancy to pig out on the couch. She recently shared one of her favorite pregnancy workouts, in full, on her app. While it's not as intensive as her non-pregnancy workout, it's still hardcore enough that even those of us that aren't expecting might want to try it out.

As always, make sure to consult your doctor before doing any of the following exercises while pregnant. And for more on everyone's favorite tabloid family, Here's the Racy Kim Kardashian Selfie Everyone Is Talking About. 

The Warm-Up

khloe kardashian on the stairmaster

Khloe always starts out with 30 minutes of cardio of the stair-climber, a piece of equipment that's experiencing somewhat of a comeback.

Shoulder Raise with Squat

khloe kardashian does a shoulder raise

Khloe is a huge fan of heavy lifting, so next up is a classic shoulder raise. She stands with her feet slighter wider than shoulder-width apart, then bends into a squat with a dumbell in each hand. Once she passes the horizontal line, she lifts back up, and repeats for 30 seconds, doing three reps.

Push-Up Shoulder Pat

khloe kardashian shoulder pat

Lying in a high plank position with her hand shoulder-width apart, she bends into a push-up, then taps her left shoulder with her right hand and vice versa, then repeats it. Obviously, she can't get all the way down with a belly bump, but a half-way pushup is even better for triceps!

Lateral Duck Walk with Resistance

khloe kardashian does a lateral duck walk

Strap a resistance band above your knees and grab the handles of a TRX strap with both hands. Bend your knees until it looks like you're sitting in an invisible chair, then take three steps to the left and right. Do for 30 seconds for at least three reps.

Battle Ropes

khloe kardashian workout

Rest your left leg on a Waff Mini Elite and start kneeling with your right leg forward while holding the end of a battle rope in each hand. Quickly move your arms up and down for 45 seconds. Switch legs and do as many reps as possible.

Weighted Squats

khloe kardashian does weighted squats

With a resistance band wrapped over your knees, and a Waff Mini under each foot, get up on on a leg press machine and start pushing the platform away, holding for one minute before returning to starting position. Repeat AMRAP.

Bird-Dog Plank

khloe kardashian plank

Get into a high plank, then lift the right leg and left hand to be parallel with the ground, hold for 30 seconds, and switch sides.

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