Here's Halle Berry's Amazing Response to Seeing Her Poster on Prince Harry's Old Dorm Room Wall

The royal's high school crush—revealed

We all know Prince Harry is madly in love with his wife of five months. But long before he fell for Meghan Markle, it seems the British royal had a crush on another stunning American actress.

This week, photos surfaced of an 18-year-old Prince Harry hanging out in his high school dorm room at Eton, a prestigious English boarding school for boys.

Fans immediately noticed that his room seemed really typical for a teenage boy, and included posters of bikini-clad models, a sweet stereo system, and a can of Lynx (the British version of Axe body spray).

But there was one detail that was easy to miss: right in the center of his hippie tapestry is a cut-out photo of Halle Berry, sitting with her legs crossed and beaming down lie a veritable goddess.

The photo caught the attention of Berry herself, who called him out on Twitter with the most perfect response ever: "Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you!🤣


The line is a reference to Missy Elliot's 2002 hip-hot classic, "Where They From?," and perfectly suits the period in which this photo was taken.

Berry may have missed out on being the new Duchess of Sussex, but, clearly, she is still the queen. And for more royal gossip from our very own expert, check out Why Meghan and Harry May Choose to Adopt a Child.

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