Here's Bella Hadid's Fat-Melting 15-Minute Workout

Here trainer reveals the model's go-to moves.

If you saw Bella Hadid in the Victoria's Secret Show earlier this month, or on the star-studded Bahamas vacation she took right afterwards, you know that the 21-year-old supermodel definitely isn't suffering from any winter weight gain. So how does Hadid manage to motivate herself to hit the gym when most of us can't help but hibernate in bed?

Her trainer, Joe Holder, who works with a lot of the angels, recently told W Magazine that he can understand why people feel a bit more sluggish when the weather gets cold:

"The body in these colder climates and due to the reduction in sun, it's just a bit harder to stay upbeat as our rhythms change. I like to think of it as a pre-season. You know you're going to be more active when the warmer months arrive but if you're so out of shape and de-conditioned when they arrive, you won't want to."

His advice is not to beat yourself up too much. Enjoy those Christmas cookie and go ahead and sleep in on Sundays, just aim to maintain your current weight so that you're not too demotivated to get back in shape once spring arrives—and follow these tips right here.

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"You can not fall into this trap by simply realizing you don't have to be perfect during the winter; just keep a general baseline of activity and movement, and don't beat yourself up if you fall off track. Also, people are generally less social during the winter so this is an easy time to hide and get after your fitness goals, too."

If you do want to try a very quick workout routine that'll help kickstart your metabolism on those cold winter mornings, he's got a suggestion for you:

"Quick rule of thumb if you want to make your own, though, is hit a leg exercise, upper body exercise, abs, heart rate, and then something that gets you working in a different plane of motion or something you are not completely used to. Here is an easy one: 10 push-ups, 30 second slide plank on each side, 60 second high knees, 30 second side lunge on each side, and 10 reps buddha squat for five rounds. Stick to the basics and evolve, you don't have to do a bunch of crazy exercises to get results."

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He also has a few other bits of advice. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, as a good night of rest is currently the biggest wellness trend. He also advocates eating within a restricted time window, as "your stomach has its own circadian rhythms and a lot of interesting research is starting to arise regarding not just the importance of what you eat but when."

When it comes to working out, Holder suggests eating 2-3 hours before a workout, and having a low-carb, high-protein meal afterwards. As a "a base for a standard individual, two days of high intensity, one day of strength, two to three days of lower to medium intensity, and a day of rest" is what he recommends in terms of schedule.

Drink lots and lots of water, and, most importantly stay positive and don't give up!

"Don't think everyday has to be perfect but what often happens is people fall into a chasm because they've given up on their health for so long that it takes such a heroic fight to just get back to mediocre and that can be mentally taxing. Do your best to not let yourself get to that point…The physical benefits of wellness, while important, are overstated. The benefits of exercise and living well are for the brain. The body, at least in terms of glorious aesthetics, will fade but you want to make sure you're doing all you can to live to promote your overall well being. Being active year round is a vital part of that."

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And for more great fitness advice, check out the single best exercise for your brain. 

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