7 Heartfelt Ways Hospitals Are Lifting Spirits Amid Coronavirus

These hospitals are playing music and doing dances for their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the coronavirus is prompting undeniable fear and panic around the globe, not everything borne of the pandemic is all doom and gloom. Many hospital workers have been going above and beyond for their patients, not only providing them with care and comfort, but also lifting their spirits with kindness and ingenuity, too. Read on to find out what hospital workers are doing to cheer up their patients and the world at large.

1. These hospital workers cheered up patients in Madrid with a dance routine.

There's nothing like seeing your doctors and nurses busting a move to make you feel better. And for more inspiring stories amid the pandemic, check out these 13 Uplifting Stories That Will Warm Your Heart Right Now.

2. These New York hospital workers play "Here Comes the Sun" and applaud coronavirus patients going home.

Referred to as "Code Sun" at Northern Westchester Hospital, this cheery celebration provides a happy ending that's just as satisfying for the folks watching as it is for those involved.

3. And this hospital plays the Rocky theme for COVID-19 patients being discharged.

What is someone who's battled a deadly virus and come out on the other side if not a champion? And honestly, coronavirus seems like a much tougher opponent than Apollo Creed, anyway. And to find out what it's like when you don't even know if you have the virus, read the stories of these 10 People Who Tried to Get Tested for COVID-19 and Were Turned Away.

4. These hospital workers in Turkey did a "penguin dance" with a recovered COVID-19 patient.

What's the only thing better than having hospital staffers dance for you? Getting to join in on the fun, of course—which is just what one recovered coronavirus patient in Turkey's Kirlareli City did with this adorable "penguin dance."

5. This British emergency department filled its windows with pictures of rainbows.

Folks around the world have been putting pictures of rainbows in their windows to brighten the mood of passersby. Inspired by the idea, one U.K. emergency department filled its front window with drawings of rainbows from their grateful neighbors to spread a little cheer.

6. These U.K. nurses tackled a TikTok dance challenge.

Hospital workers may be extra busy these days, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for a little uplifting fun! These hospital staffers in the U.K. decided to add some levity to the workplace—and the lives of their captive audience—by tackling a TikTok challenge. And for more funny and timely TikToks, check out 18 Quarantine TikToks That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile.

7. And this ICU team in the U.K. sang a motivational song to inspire patients and staffers.

Life on the frontlines can be bleak, but these hospital workers were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This British ICU team brought some hope to their patients with this gorgeous rendition of Andra Day's "Rise Up." And for a look on the sunnier side of things, discover these 5 Uplifting Coronavirus Facts to Bring Optimism Back into Your Life.

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