See Harrison Ford Rescue Woman From Car Crash

The 75-year-old is one seriously good samaritan.

If there's one thing we know about Harrison Ford, it's that he's a real-life action hero (remember: the guy's been in plane crashes and will get up and dust himself off like Han Solo). Well, yesterday, the 75-year-old actor proved once again why he's Indiana Jones in the flesh, when he leapt into action to help a woman in a car crash.

According to multiple news reports, Ford was driving down Route 126 in Santa Paula, California, when he saw the car in front of him swerve off the highway and crash into a small embankment. Eyewitness say Ford immediately pulled over and rushed to the vehicle, pulling the female driver out and waiting with her while the paramedics arrived.

Thanks to his heroism, the woman managed to escape the crash with only minor injuries.

It's not his only good deed over the last few months either. In September, Entertainment Weekly reported that the actor was seen directing traffic in NYC after cars got backed up due to an accident in the Midtown Tunnel.

Now, that's one heck of a guy. And if you can't get enough of America's most famous hero, watch this video of him and Ryan Gosling cracking up. Trust me: it's well worth it.

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