People Are Failing Miserably at This "Hack" for Drawing the Perfect Hand

Anyone who's taken a sketch class can relate.

Hand drawing

If you've ever taken a sketch class, you know that hands are deceptively difficult to draw. Even the unique features of a face can often be easier to capture than five fingers attached to a palm. More often than not, your rendition resembles a blown-up surgical glove—which is perhaps why people got so excited when Twitter account @SatisfyingDaily recently posted a video that made drawing a woman's hand look oh-so-very easy.

Finally, everyone thought, someone has solved a problem that has plagued humanity since the the first caveman tried to impress a potential cave partner with some beautiful wall carvings.

People immediately whipped open their sketch pads and sharpened their pencils, eager to finally get those pointed fingernails and slender fingers right.

And, well, this was the result:

And also this.

Oh my god, it just gets worse and worse.

This one doesn't even look human. What is it, a misshapen squid?

Some people thought they'd be better off if they practiced just the fingers first… But nope!

While they may not look anything like hands, some of the results would be great as inspiration for a horror movie about a slug-like alien life force determined to take over the planet.

And others resemble an animal's foot, which is, like, close enough, right?

At the end of the day, everyone tried, and that's what really counts.

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