Half of All New Coronavirus Cases Are Coming From These 4 States

The U.S. hit a record for new COVID cases, and nearly half come from four epicenters.

While experts might debate whether or not we're in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, there's no question that the virus is seeing a surge in cases across the country. COVID rates are soaring, particularly in the southern and western parts of the U.S. The numbers in some areas are so high, in fact, that half of all new coronavirus cases in the U.S. are coming from just four states.

With over 60,000 coronavirus cases reported on July 7, the country hit a new record for the most new cases in a single day. And while there are spikes occurring in all but a handful of states that have managed to contain their outbreaks, the following four states in particular account for nearly 50 percent of these new cases, CNBC reports. And for more on these states, These Are the 4 New Epicenters of the Pandemic, Former FDA Chief Says.


scottsdale arizona

According to the mayor of Phoenix, Arizona opened too early—and the state's rapidly rising numbers reflect that assessment. As of July 8, there are almost 108,650 coronavirus cases in the state. Arizona has the highest positive test rate in the country at 25.5 percent, which is one of the reasons the experts at Covid Act Now put it in the "critical" COVID category.

The site also mentions the lack of available ICU beds, which is one of the reasons Arizona has begun implementing a scoring system to determine who will get coronavirus care. And for more states on the "critical" list, These 6 States Are Now in "Critical" COVID-19 Situations, Experts Say.


irvine california

California has been in the news a lot recently for its skyrocketing coronavirus numbers and hospitalizations, particularly in Los Angeles County. And while the state is making attempts to contain the outbreak, including some drastic measures, California is currently responsible for a significant percentage of new cases in the country. There are now around 288,150 COVID cases in the state, and the infection rate of 1.19 means that the virus is spreading quickly. And for more states in trouble, These Are the 2 Surprising States Where COVID Cases Are Skyrocketing.


miami florida from above

Florida's numbers have been high for long enough that it was identified as the next epicenter of the pandemic back in June. But the situation has only gotten more dire since then. Florida is another one of Covid Act Now's "critical" states, with a high infection rate of 1.31 and a high positive test rate of 18.6 percent. As of now, there are around 223,775 coronavirus cases in Florida. And if that number sounds shocking, discover why This State's Record COVID Numbers Are Likely Even Higher Than You Think.


downtown el paso texas

Texas' fast escalating COVID numbers have also been worrying experts for some time, and the recent uptick in hospitalizations has some state officials urging residents to shelter in place. Even with a recent face mask mandate, Texas is facing some harrowing numbers—with its dwindling ICU beds, an infection rate of 1.20, and a positive test rate of 13.3 percent, Texas has earned the state a spot on Covid Act Now's "critical" list. As of July 8, there are around 220,220 COVID cases in the state. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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