Meet the Single Best Rugby Shirt Ever Made

And no, you won't look like you're enrolled in Hogwarts.

Guideboat OPENER

It takes a certain type of guy to rock a rugby shirt. Those frumpy collars, those giant logos, those funky, Hogwartian color schemes—any man opting for these thick, long-sleeved shirts runs the risk of looking like an overgrown schoolboy. To truly pull off such a sartorial swerve, you typically need a certain rough-and-tough mien. (A rugby player comes to mind.) But every so often, a version comes along that works for literally everyone. Look no further than this black patch rugby shirt from Guideboat.

Guideboat, the nascent startup from Stephen Gordon, the founder and brains behind ultra-luxe furniture line Restoration Hardware, sells—you guessed it—guideboats. But the brand is not confined to its namesake. In addition to their series of hand-crafted, bespoke boats—the eponymous boats are modeled after 19th century canoes—you can find everything from camping gear to multitools to an impressively robust clothing offering. A shining example is their take on classic rugger wear.

This handsome shirt is crafted from premium Japanese cotton, not the iron-thick polyester you may remember chafing against your skin. If it were any softer, you'd be wearing silk. But while most insanely soft shirts can't maintain their shape, the collar here is reinforced with herringbone tape. The result is shirt that's insanely comfortable yet sturdy enough to take an beating from the great outdoors. You could fall in the lake wearing this thing and it would be totally fine. To top it off, the shirt comes in two versions of an endlessly versatile and effortlessly stylish ivory and navy color combo. Wear the dark version (top) when you're braving the elements. Wear the lighter version everywhere else.

Guideboat Rugby

Black Patch Rugby Shirt

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