This Dog Has Refused to Leave the Site Where His Owner Died for 18 Months

A pup's loyalty doesn't end in death.

There are countless stories that showcase just how enduring a dog's loyalty is—and it turns out, that extends even after death. You may have heard of Hachiko, a Japanese Akita who continued to wait at a train station for his human to come home every day for nine years following his owner's passing. Well, meet the dog who people are now calling the "Greek Hachiko."

According to Nafpaktia News, the pup's owner, Harris Korosis, died in November 2017 following a collision with a cement mixer. Korosis's home was in the Greek town of Nafpaktos, which is seven-and-a-half miles away from where he died and where a roadside shrine now stands in his honor.

No one is certain of how his dog knew, but the pup—whose real name is Charis—made it to the exact location of the fatal accident and has stayed there ever since.

Greek Hachiko
Nafpaktia News/YouTube

The locals have tried to give him a new forever home, but he refuses to leave.

Greek Hachiko
Nafpaktia News/YouTube

So, finally, they decided to build Charis a little house and bring him food and water as he waits, hopelessly, for his human to return.

You can learn more about Charis's story here:

Like the elderly dog in China who also waits at a train station every day for his human to come back from work, Charis's tale proves a dog's devotion truly knows no bounds. And for another moving story about man's best friend, check out These Photos of a Dog Waiting for His Owner Every Day for 11 Years.

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