10 Amazing Quarantine Haircuts By Significant Others

Cutting your partner's hair when you're not a pro is a dangerous gamble. But it worked out for these couples.

With salons and barbershops shuttered for months, people have been forced to address their unwieldy locks at home. Yes, DIY haircuts are all the rage right now, and if you have a partner in quarantine, you have a built-in hairdresser. Sure, you trust your significant other enough to put your heart in their hands, but do you trust them to put a scissor to your head? These 10 people did and luckily, the results were pretty impressive. Here are some of the best quarantine haircuts from significant others we've seen! And for more funny quarantine moments, check out 13 Funny Quarantine Videos and Photos of People Entertaining Themselves.

1. This bangin' bang trim

If you've ever had bangs, you know that once they get past a certain point, you feel like a shaggy dog who can't see through your own hair. And that's the situation Instagram user @chloethefry found herself in, so she let her partner cut her bangs, which was a pretty bold move. But thankfully he came through!

2. This woman who learned from her friend's mistakes

David Ingber's wife, Emily, was very prepared to give him a haircut in quarantine for the first time. She watched a YouTube tutorial and consulted with her friend who botched giving her own husband a haircut about what she would've done differently. The good news is, Emily clearly learned from her friend's mistakes, doing some impressive work that David documented for The Lefkoe Show, his football-centric podcast. His friends and co-workers Adam Lefkoe and Ronny Chieng watched on and hilariously threw in their two cents.

3. This Clooney-inspired cut

Greg Schwem cracked jokes as he trusted his wife to cut his hair in quarantine, seemingly as a coping technique so that he didn't get too nervous while sitting in the hot seat. He also had some white wine to soothe him. Watch 'til the end to see his truly unbelievable transformation.

4. This holiday hairstyle

This couple celebrated Easter with a crisp new 'do. Kristin Janecek's brave partner gave her a pretty impressive quarantine haircut. All the ends look even and healthy! And if you want to check on the health of your hair, check out 15 Things Your Hair Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health.

5. This full-service 'do


The wonderful wife of Twitter user @DerrickD96 gave her husband the full barbershop treatment. In addition to cutting his hair, she also styled it and cleaned up his beard. The final product came out looking pretty professional.

6. This short and sweet style

Shakira Sison didn't seem so confident in her haircutting abilities at the onset, jokingly putting divorce on the table. However, the outcome looks great, and her wife appears to be super happy with her new hairdo.

7. This luxurious styling experience


This couple didn't stop at performing a simple haircut—they went for the full experience. Instagram user @mrdelamont  was treated to a haircut from his partner, complete with a robe, hot towels, fresh strawberries, mood lighting, and bubbly beverages. If you have to get a haircut in quarantine, this is the way to do it. And for more ways to take care of yourself in quarantine, check out these 15 Effective Self-Care Tips That Are Made for Quarantine.

8. This total redesign

Not only did YouTuber @TheRealMcCoy let her girlfriend cut her hair, but she also trusted her to try out a whole new style. The pair endeavored to create a fade and they seemingly succeeded. The before-and-after pictures are proof of a quarantine haircut well done.

9. This impressive trim

YouTuber @TerryAnnVlogs' fiancé asked her for a haircut because, like many of us, he was starting to get quite scruffy looking. As any good YouTuber would, Terry Ann made a video out of the experience. It could be used as a helpful guide if you're trying to cut your significant other's hair, or you could simply enjoy the couple's fun dynamic as he puts his faith in her first-time haircutting abilities.

10. This beginner's buzz cut luck

YouTuber @Annchirisu gave her boyfriend, Levi, a much-needed haircut a month into the lockdown, which she was very nervous to do. But it turned out great! "Ann here is a natural," Levi said. Phew! And if you need some help in the nail department, check out How to Remove Gel Polish Yourself Safely, According to a Pro.

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