Why This Grandmother's Hilarious Financial Advice Is Going Viral

She's as sly as a fox!

Grandmother with a piggy bank, representing financial advice

If your grandmother is anything like mine, she loves to pretend she's all clueless and ignorant to the ways of the world, but, behind closed doors, is as sly as a fox.

Judging by this tweet that has since gone viral, I'm not the only one who's grandma is a lot craftier than she lets on.

On Sunday, a Victorian literature professor and social media manager with the Twitter handle @Lhlodder shared an exchange between herself and her "sweet, 85-year-old grandma."

When she and her husband called her grandma to let her know about her new job, grandma responded by congratulating them, chatting for a little bit, and then hanging up the phone. Later, however, she called her back and instructed her to open up a secret bank account and never tell her husband about it.

"My grandma is fierce," she concluded.

Her post has almost 10,000 retweets, and people loved this grandma's savvy financial advice. Turns out, a lot of people have very similar stories to tell about their own grandmothers.

"My grandma controlled the money," one user wrote. "When she died I had to help my granddad go through all the paperwork. We found £85k hidden away!!!"

"My wife's grandmother had a full cruise planned for her, my wife and her sister in case she decided to ditch me at the altar," another user wrote.

"When my mother died, my sister found a wad of $100 bills in an old purse in her closet. Oh, and she had $350K in Walmart stock," another user wrote.

As funny as these stories may be, the fact that so many of these women had so-called "run funds" also speaks to the sad reality that their generation had to create secret accounts or stash money away because they were financially disenfranchised. So, as fierce as granny may be, it's nice to know that women no longer have to stuff bills into their sock drawers in case the husband ever decides to bounce. Hurray for equality!

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