Grandmother Accidentally Gets Swept Out to Sea on an "Ice Throne," Goes Viral

"'Frozen 3' looks great!"

grandma floats off to sea on ice throne

This week, Catherine Streng, an English teacher living in South Korea, got an absolutely hilarious series of text messages from her father.

Her family from Texas recently went on vacation to Iceland to take in the scenery, but it looks like the scenery ended up taking her grandmother in instead.

Streng's father and his mother were visiting the world famous Jökulsárlón Lagoon—which is known for the large chunks of ice that dot its blue waters—when grandma decided to pose for a photo on a large piece of ice shaped a bit like a throne.

Everything was going great…

grandma floats off on ice throne

Until a large wave came along and whisked her off into the ocean.

grandma floats off into the ocean on ice throne

Streng told BuzzFeed that this was the vivid way her father described the moment:

"She ascended the throne after a wave had pulled back and left it briefly exposed on the beach. Then a wave washed in and dislodged the ice throne, rocking it from side to side. When the wave retreated, it lifted the dislodged throne and carried her out with the tide."

In keeping with all great fairytale endings, she was quickly rescued a licensed boat captain from Florida, who heroically dove into the water and safely dragged her back to the shore.

She shared her father's texts on Twitter, and they immediately went viral, gaining over 53,000 retweets in just three days.

Some people tweeted saying they felt bad for laughing about it, but given that the grandma is totally fine (and still on vacation), it seems OK.

Plus Strenger herself said she "laughed out loud at work” when she got the texts, and that this was "so something that would happen to [her] family.”

You also really have to admire the completely chill (no pun intended) way her grandmother handled the whole situation. Like a true Queen, she continued to sit on her stately throne, calmly waiting for help to arrive.

Something tells us this is one story this family will be telling over the dinner table for years to come. And for more great stories, check out Why Everyone Is Falling in Love With This Search and Rescue Dog.

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