This Retro Men's Style Trend Is Back and Exactly Zero People Are Happy About It

It may very well be the one thing the Internet agrees on.

Remember back in the '60s and '70s when hugely unflattering jeans that flared at the bottom were all the rage? Or in the '90s, when it was popular to wear jeans that were way too long for you and made it seem like you were in massive denial about the length of your legs? Well, according to a recent piece over at GQ, these "boot-cut" baggy jeans are making a comeback.

"The jeans taper at the knee like your regular modern-fit denim, but then flare out at the bottom of the leg to house a larger boot," Tyler Watamanuk writes. He admits that the fashion style has a few obstacles to overcome, given that "the boot cut is meant to cover up your footwear, which isn't exactly something in high demand in 2018." But he also says that "nostalgia works in cycles, so it was only a matter of time until the boot cut made a comeback. Which it did recently when Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia decided to include the style in the brand's spring lookbook."

Whether or not the recent inclusion of this outdated and hideous trend in a show by one high fashion designer constitutes a "comeback" is debatable. But, one way or another, people are not here for it.

Even the man in the picture looks like he realizes this is a major crime against fashion. What's next? The return of letting your pants slip down so far you flash everyone buttock cleavage?

It's hard not to be dramatic about such a brazen crime against fashion.

It's so ugly it should basically be illegal.

The good news is that, in the wake of today's increasingly polarized climate (political and otherwise), at least bootcut jeans seem to be one thing everyone on the Internet can agree on.

So don't trust the hype. Fellas, if you really want to look great, check out these 20 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Style Game Instantly.

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Diana Bruk
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