Florida Governor Claims Doing This Is Riskier Than Going to Disney World

According to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, going to Disney World will be safer than this common activity.

All eyes are on Florida as the state's coronavirus numbers continue to skyrocket just prior to the reopening of Walt Disney World, arguably the state's largest attraction, on July 11. While many eager park-goers are excited to return to Disney World, others have understandable apprehensions about the park reopening amid an uptick of the potentially deadly illness. However, after evaluating Disney's plans for reopening, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claims that going to the most magical place on Earth is safe—even safer than attending a party.

During a press conference on July 6, DeSantis expressed his confidence in the safe reopening of the beloved theme park, which has been met with some backlash. "Disney, I have no doubt is going to be a safe environment. I think that where you start to see the spread is just in social situations where people let their guard down—usually like a private party or something like that," said DeSantis.

Disney World

Following the main theme park's reopening on July 11, EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios will once again welcome visitors on July 15. Thomas Smith, editorial content director at Disney Parks, explains that the park is taking a "deliberate approach" to reopening, including "limits on attendance and controlled guest density that aligns with guidance on physical distancing."

Abiding by these safety guidelines will mean, however, that not every attraction can safely reopen immediately. "Certain experiences we know draw large group gatherings—such as parades and nighttime spectaculars—will return at a later date," according to Smith.

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DeSantis maintains that he is "really impressed with what Universal's done," describing their plan as "very thorough." While the park does have the advantage of being mostly outdoors with enough room for ample social distancing—neither or which are common at your average party—only time will tell if the crowds and other communal aspects of the park cause coronavirus numbers to rise. And for more information on Disney reopening, check out these 8 Major Ways Disney World Will Look Different After Coronavirus.

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