New York Gov. Cuomo's Response to Coronavirus Earns Bipartisan Praise

A stressed and divided country is coming together in support of Gov. Cuomo's calming press conferences.

Among the numerous public press conferences from elected officials addressing public health concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, there has been one who's stood out: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Like many other elected officials, Cuomo has been leading daily press conferences. But because the state he oversees is so populous, and perhaps because so much media is headquartered in New York, his pressers often get national viewership on cable news outlets.

Over the course of the past week, Cuomo has been lauded for consistently presenting both a remarkably calm and yet still gravely concerning outlook on the coronavirus pandemic. His general leadership has been praised by individuals on both sides of the partisan divide.

Take, for example, Fox News co-host Melissa Francis, who tweeted that she's been enjoying her "Gov. Cuomo therapy time."

Even former George W. Bush Press Secretary Nicolle Wallace has gone out of her way to praise the New York Democrat, calling Cuomo's press conferences an example of what people will watch "when they study crisis leadership."

Meanwhile, Chief Public Affairs Officer of MoveOn, Karine Jean-Pierre, tweeted that Cuomo "actually sounds like a leader."

NPR's Scott Detrow said he's "watched a lot of governor-in-a-windbreaker emergency briefings and [Cuomo's] doing an impressive job."

And author Dave Cullen tweeted that he's also "so impressed" by Cuomo.

Vanity Fair contributing editor Maximillian Potter said Cuomo is "walking the walk of leadership."

And radio personality Shannon Holly gave props to Cuomo's mother, Matilda Cuomo, former first lady of New York herself, for raising him and his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who's been covering coronavirus nonstop. "How proud their mama must be," she tweeted.

For a light moment from the Cuomo brothers, check them out on CNN, talking about coronavirus, but also ribbing each other about who was their mom's favorite and who tended to break curfew.

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