The Goop Holiday Gift Guide Is Here and It's as Outrageous as You'd Expect

From a $16,000 jar of caviar to a trip to the moon, Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop guide will blow your mind.

It's the age-old question: What do you get for the one who has everything? According to the holiday gift guides for 2019 from Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, the answer is a bunch of stuff that's outrageously expensive. Their somewhat self-aware Ridiculous But Awesome Guide includes, among other things…

A conceptual modular treehouse that could be yours, starting at just $110,000…

A luxury brass fire extinguisher ($250) for those who want to look stylish while saving their house from burning down

braas fire extinguisher

A "dehydrated caviar" bar ($99) that's "perfect on top of potato or pumpkin purees"…

caviar bar goop christmas gift guide
Calvisius Caviar

The opportunity to fly in a jet suit ($6,450 and up) for anyone who's ever dreamt of being a superhero…

A special hybrid brand of caviar for $16,000…

special reserve caviar goop gift guide

A piece of a rock from the moon ($275,000) along with a book in an aluminum case inspired by Apollo 11.

lunar rock

Oh, and let's not forget the $250,000 flight to the actual moon (which is apparently already all booked up, so look out for future dates!).

The guide only dropped yesterday and already people are making fun of it, especially since Paltrow recently went viral after she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and seemingly had no familiarity with the products her company sells.

But if you can appreciate it as the hilariously ridiculous list it is—as the name suggests—the release of the Goop holiday gift guide itself is an early Christmas present.

And while most of us may not be able to afford the $500 infrared sauna blanket on the list, at least we'll have our laughter to keep us warm!

And for a shopping list that runs slightly more within budget, check out The 20 Best Holiday Gifts From Best Buy at Any Price Point.

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