Google's 2019 "Year in Search" Video Is All About Inspiring Heroes

The video compilation is a touching tribute to some of the heroes we met in 2019.

people hugging in google 2019 year in search video

This year, the world searched for heroes, according to Google's 2019 "Year in Search" video. As you can see in the video below, which was released on Wednesday, we searched for "superheroes" like Captain Marvel and the team of Avengers: Endgame because they inspired us to be brave and do good in the world. But we also searched for "unlikely heroes," like The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda, who simply made us smile when we needed it most.

We searched for "real-life heroes," especially during natural disasters like Hurricane Dorian, from the woman who took 97 shelter dogs into her own home to the little boy who spent his savings buying food and water for evacuees. We searched for those who did something kind for others even if it was small, like the stranger who left a touching note to someone who'd been at the Toronto Raptors parade shooting while returning their lost possessions.

We searched for "unsung heroes," like the dog who dutifully saved his entire family from a house fire, or the paralyzed pup whose positivity inspired all of us.

We searched for "sheroes" on screen, like Eleven of Stranger Things and Arya Stark of Game of Thrones, and those in real-life, like Serena Williams, who scored her 100th U.S. Open win this year, and Megan Rapinoe and the rest of the World Cup-winning women's soccer team. Whether real or fictional, they reminded everyone just how powerful women can be.

We searched for "supermoms" and "superdads," who shared their struggles with postpartum anxiety and depression, alcoholism, and general parenting worries. They sought help and became better parents for it, while also letting others know that they were not alone.

And when we searched "what do heroes look like," we found that they come in all colors and creeds and ages and sexual orientations. With each search query, Google confirmed that "not all heroes wear capes."

As we're reminded watching Google's 2019 "Year in Search" video, everyone has superpowers that they can use to help others. And "to everyone using their powers to empower others," the video concludes, "search on."

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