This Mom's Trick for Getting Her Kids to Calm Down Before Bed Is Absolutely Brilliant

Well played, mom. Well played.

mom's genius trick for getting kids to lie still before bed

If you have young children or grandchildren, you know that getting them to sit still can be quite the challenge Who knew that someone so small could be so fast? And so loud?! Their boundless energy can be especially hard to handle when you're trying to get them ready for bed. That's probably why this mom's ingenious trick for getting her kids to calm down before they go to sleep is going so viral. The key to her hack? Glow in the dark pajamas.

As Jessica D'Entremont recently posted on Facebook, she bought some glow in the dark PJs for her four-year-old, Emma, and three-year-old, Hannelore, and told them they had to lay down on the floor and stay very still so that the ceiling light could recharge them.

So straightforward, and clearly, it worked!

Looking for a way to keep your kids still….Buy them glow in the dark pjs. Tell them they have to lie really still…

Posted by Jessica D'Entremont on Sunday, September 29, 2019

"They laid there for 10 minutes and I had to actually stop them to continue with bedtime," D'Entremont told Today. "I then transitioned them to their bedroom by turning off the lights—the pajamas really do glow!"

She added: "They loved it and thought it was great fun because they aren't quite old enough to grasp that we could see them due to the glow, even though they couldn't see their dad and I in the dark."

It's what every parent wants: fun for the kids, peace for themselves.

D'Entremont shared her strategy on Facebook on September 29th, and it went megaviral, getting more than 200,000 likes in just a few days.

"To expand on the trickery I've started putting the PJs back into their drawer when they get dressed in the morning," D'Entremont wrote in an update to her Facebook post. "Unexposed to light all day, they dim and do not glow in the dark when they tried to test me last night until they laid down again."

Again, genius! And the critics loved it.

"Omg this is THE best parenting trick I've seen for a long time," one Facebook user wrote.

Now the question is: Do these come in adult sizes, too?

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