1 in 5 Americans Would Give Up Sex for This, Survey Says

A recent survey found that there are a lot of things Americans would trade for this, sex included.

Sex is widely hailed as one of the greatest pleasures in life. It's why people use the phrase "better than sex" as a way to describe something that's really incredible, like a delicious piece of cake or a relaxing massage. But, according to a recent survey, one in five Americans said they would rather have something else over a fulfilling sex life: clear skin. In fact, 21 percent of people said they would give up the act altogether for a year if it meant they could have perfect skin. To see why experts think so many Americans feel this way, read on, and for other sex tips you could use, check out This Is the Worst Thing You Could Say to Someone in Bed.

According to a Nov. 25 survey commissioned by Hanacure and conducted by OnePoll, it seems a significant portion of Americans care more about their skin than their sex life. While this may sound shocking to some people, if you've ever had bad skin, you might identify with these results. Experts say people are so passionate about having blemish-free skin because it affects every aspect of their lives, including sex.

"I think people want to have good skin because it gives them confidence when they do have sex," says dermatologist Sapna Palep, MD, founder of Spring Street Dermatology. "Seriously though, good skin affects every facet of your life, more than just sex and relationships. Your confidence, self-esteem, ability to be aggressive in life to get what you want are all influenced by the health of your skin. Your skin impacts your work, daily life, and relationships, so it's important to people."

Palep's observations seem to be spot on since the survey found that 47 percent of people said their skin is the main source of their insecurities.

Dermatologist and author of Mindful Beauty Debbie Palmer, DO, also believes that the pandemic lockdowns may have increased people's dissatisfaction with their skin. "Today, more than ever, we are spending time looking at ourselves on social media and Zoom calls. We are more aware of how we look," said Palmer. "The awareness can also create more self-criticism."

Sex isn't the only thing people are willing to trade for clear skin. Here are eight other things Americans would happily do in exchange for good skin, according to the survey, and to see if you have this coveted characteristic, check out Having This One Personality Trait Improves Your Sex Life, Study Says.

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Never have chocolate again

box of chocolates with bow
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19 percent

Only eat oatmeal for a year straight


19 percent

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Live in the woods without electricity for six months

Woman reading by flashlight

20 percent

Live with your high school nemesis in a studio apartment for a year

Girls fighting

20 percent

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Never use a smartphone again

texting on old phone

21 percent

Go back in time and relive high school

high school students walking down a school hallway

21 percent

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Only wear the style of clothing you had in middle school


22 percent

Give up streaming services for a year

older man reading a book in bed

28 percent

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