1 in 5 Adults Would Give Up Sex for a Year to Do This, Survey Shows

People would make some serious sacrifices to do this right now.

The pandemic has prevented us from doing so many of the things we took for granted in a pre-COVID world—from seeing friends and family or attending a favorite fitness class to working with colleagues in person. But one of the things that people have missed the most over the past year is the freedom to travel. They miss it so much, in fact, that many U.S. adults are willing to go to some pretty extreme measures in order to be able to satisfy their pent up wanderlust, according to a new survey conducted by The Vacationer. What do we mean by "extreme measures"? Well, when asked what they'd be willing to do in order to travel again safely and without restrictions right now, nearly one in five respondents (18.10 percent) said they would give up sex for a year.

The sacrifices don't stop there though. More than 500 U.S. adults were given a handful of other options to choose from in addition to giving up sex. Read on to discover what lengths people are willing to go to in order to roam the world without COVID restrictions. And for more on how COVID has changed sex for some many, 73 Percent of People Wish They Had More of This Kind of Sex, Survey Shows.

Spend a night in prison

close up of hands holding bars in prison

Adults who would do this to travel normally: 16.79 percent

Not see your best friend for a year

two girls posing and laughing for the camera

Adults who would do this to travel normally: 22.01 percent

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Not exercise for a year

Woman in exercise clothes giving a thumbs down

Adults who would do this to travel normally: 23.13 percent

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Not eat your favorite food for a year

young woman with a plate of salad in front of her pushing away a plate of donuts

Adults who would do this to travel normally: 24.25 percent

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Wouldn't do any of these things in order to travel

People watching TV with masks

Adults who wouldn't do any of these things to travel: 38.25 percent

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