This Stylish Briefcase is a Dealmaker's Dream Come True

The maestro of Italian design has just revolutionized your man-bag.

giorgio armani private bag, over 40

It was only a matter of time before the brand that took the humble suit and transformed it into, you know, the power suit, would eventually do the same with the everyday work bag. Well, gentlemen, you can officially say goodbye to the stodgy-old briefcases, the well-worn canvas man-bags, and the ubiquitous backpacks (backpacks?!) of the past, and say hello to the endlessly sumptuous Private Bag Briefcase from Giorgio Armani.

The all-new briefcase combines the company's long history of artisanal craftsmanship with a modern-day practicality that would impress even your most stylish road warrior. Super roomy interior pockets keep the important things (your laptop, your tablet) safe, while an exterior pocket keeps your day-to-day needs (your phone, your wallet, your keys, your condoms) within close reach. Tough, thick stitching and hand-pounded pebble calfskin round out the leather on this beauty, lending the bag a heavy dose of masculinity.

Available in suite of cool colors—from a deep, trés romantique red to a mysterious forest green—this briefcase features a clean, streamlined shape that is simply timeless and will only look better as the pages of the calendar peel off into the wind. (My favorite color? The subtle, burnished mahogany pictured above. The deep hue just exudes power and sophistication.)

Bonus: a bag shaped like this will match with pretty much anything, from jeans and a t-shirt to the most powerful of power suits on the market. Bring it to the office. Bring it on vacation. A bag as sturdy and stylish as this is one you'll want by your side, in any room you walk into.

They say that you can judge a man by his shoes. I say that you can judge him by his briefcase.

Private Bag Briefcase

$2,295; buy now at or Giorgio Armani boutiques

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