Georgia Man Hijacks Police Car, Flips it on Train Tracks and Get Rescued by Officers Seconds Before Train Hits It

The hijacker was moments away from being crushed by a train.

A man who reportedly hijacked a police cruiser was moments away from death when he crashed the car into railway tracks, where it was struck by a train. Mickal Parker, 29, is facing multiple charges for stealing the car on Saturday morning (January 28) at 2.09 am—but all things considered, he should consider himself incredibly lucky. If not for the actions of the police officer, he would have lost his life. Here's how the suspect was able to get into the police cruiser, how the officers ended up saving his life, and what the police bodycam footage showed.

Crime of Opportunity

City of Atlanta Police Department / Facebook

According to The Telegraph, police officers in Atlanta, Georgia, were conducting a routine traffic stop in the early hours of Saturday morning near 2841 Greenbriar Parkway SW. While they were occupied with the traffic stop, the police cruiser was left empty and unattended. Parker allegedly spotted the empty vehicle— it is unclear where he came from or what he was doing.

Vehicular Theft

City of Atlanta Police Department / Facebook

While police were speaking to the driver of the car and letting him off with a caution, Parker reportedly got into the empty cruiser and took off in the area of Highway 166 East. There has been no confirmation as to why the man stole the car or what he was intending to do with it. 

Helicopter Help

City of Atlanta Police Department / Facebook

A helicopter that was already airborne helped catch Parker and the stolen car. Georgia State Patrol officers also assisted the Atlanta Police Department, and they soon located the stolen cruiser near McDonough Boulevard SE and Hank Aaron Drive SE.

Losing Control

City of Atlanta Police Department / Facebook

Parker reportedly lost control of the car during his getaway, flipping over and crashing onto nearby railway tracks. APD says Parker "crashed and flipped the patrol vehicle onto the train tracks while a train was coming. An officer was able to successfully pull Parker out before the train struck the patrol vehicle."

Heroic Rescue

City of Atlanta Police Department / Facebook

Bodycam footage shows police dragging Parker out of the car seconds before a train smashed into it. Parker was taken to Grady hospital before being arrested. He is facing multiple charges for theft, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, obstruction, and damage to city property.

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