Watch George W. Bush Tear Up the Dance Floor

Yes, the 71-year-old's still got it.

George Bushes Uses the Wrong Door

Back when he was president in the early aughts, George W. Bush's image in the media was primarily that of an inept, verbally incompetent president who entrenched the country in an unnecessary war. But in light of the Donald Trump presidency, his public image has been reinvented as that of a well-meaning, if somewhat buffoonish, grandfather, with his sweet little watercolors and his apparent inability to put on a poncho. (Not to mention that viral moment after Trump's inauguration speech, when he reportedly said, "That was some weird s%#*.")

Perhaps that's why this video of the former President of the United States busting a move to "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" at his nephew's wedding last weekend is such a burst of pure joy. The unabashed cheesiness of the '80s hit, the adorably terrible moves, the way he just completely throws his inhibitions out of the window—all of it is a reflection of what, at least right now, feels like a simple, gentler time.

The footage was taken at the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where Pierce Bush, 32, married Sarahbeth Melton at what appears to be a pretty epic party.

"Unreal wedding with George Bush making an appearance. Also shiree looks unbelievably amazing and I'm wearing a pink suit :-)," Spritz Founder and wedding guest Bryce Rademan wrote on Instagram.

George W. Bush at wedding of nephew Pierce Bush in Colorado Springs.

"Beyond happy for my brother Pierce and his beautiful bride Sarahbeth who tied the knot in the majestic Rocky Mountains yesterday!," Lauren Bush wrote on Instagram.

George W. Bush at wedding of nephew Pierce Bush in Colorado Springs.

You do you, GW! And for more 1600 Penn trivia, see how our correspondent fared on the cognitive exam Trump took.

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