Genius Dog Poses As a Stray at McDonald's to Get Free Burgers, Goes Viral

This pup deserves every bite of that Big Mac.

Scientists say that dogs have the intelligence levels of two-year-olds, and one of the reasons we love them so much is because they come across as forever toddlers who adore you but who aren't particularly bright. After all, in comparison to other pets, dogs seem disproportionately likely to get their heads stuck in chairs.

Perhaps that's why it's so interesting that, when food is involved, they suddenly exhibit an impeccable degree of Machiavellian intelligence. Case in point: my dog often acts like an adorable goofy moron who can't seem to realize he will never catch his own tail. But when I ordered pizza once, he went to the door and began barking at it as he does when someone is there. When I opened the door, the hallway was totally empty. Confused, I returned to the coffee table to find him inhaling my pizza. (I was so impressed by this strategy, I wasn't even mad.)

However, my dog has nothing on a certain canine from Oklahoma who is going viral for her brilliant technique at nabbing some free fast food.

Earlier this week, Betsy Reyes, of Oklahoma City, took to Facebook to tell people that her dog, Princess, keeps leaving the house at night to go to McDonald's, where she poses as a stray in a bid to get people to feel sorry for her and give her some burgers. Reyes accompanied the rant with a photo of Princess caught in the act, sporting a very clear "sorry not sorry" face.

The post quickly went viral, gaining almost 280,000 shares in just four days.

Reyes then posted a follow-up video in which Princess approaches Reyes' car, then backs off when she realizes who's sitting in the front seat. She then approaches another vehicle and, in accordance with a master plan, cajoles the driver into giving her a piece of her burger. It's genius.

Now, joking aside, it bears mentioning that pet obesity is indeed a real problem for dogs, as it causes a lot of health issues and shortens their lifespans, so it's probably be best if we listened to Princess' human and helped her cut down on the junk food. But, as far as scams go, this one is pretty cute. And for another amazing story about man's best friend, Meet the Adorable Dog That Waits for His Owner's Train All Day Long.

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