15 Times “Wonder Woman’s” Gal Gadot Melted Our Instagram Feeds

The Israeli bombshell is Hollywood's hottest superhero.

15 Times “Wonder Woman’s” Gal Gadot Melted Our Instagram Feeds

She zoomed into our hearts in Fast Five. She blew our minds in Keeping Up with the Jones. She wowed audiences around the world as one of the few redeemable parts of last year’s middling Batman Vs. Superman. Yes, we’re talking about Gal Gadot, Hollywood’s latest It Girl. And this weekend, she’s setting the silver screen aflame again, as the titular lead in Wonder Woman. But truth be told, the Israeli bombshell has been burning up screens for months, via her Instagram account. So read on in wonder. And for more coverage of Gal Gadot, check her out on our list of the 15 Instagram goddesses of the Fast and Furious franchise.

gal gadot instagram

Scaled Grey

Black-and-white images supposedly clarify the beauty of their subject. We’d bet good money this shot is just as stunning in color.

gal gadot instagram

Beachside Beauty

With a bikini more blue—and legs more endless—than the ocean, Gadot has us convinced: it’s time to go to the beach.

gal gadot instagram

Hammock Panic

Gadot has reclaimed the hammock from the realm of old people.

gal gadot instagram

Seeing Quadruple

What’s better than one Gal Gadot? Four Gal Gadots.

gal gadot instagram

Wild West

They told us sepia photos were drab, ugly, out-of-style. They were wrong.

gal gadot instagram red dress

The Spy Who We’d Love

We don’t know any more than the next guy where Bond is going next. But may we present Gadot as the next Bond girl?

gal gadot instagram

All White, All White, All White

It seems the sisters Jenner aren’t the only goddesses who can effortlessly pull of a white bodysuit.

gal gadot instagram

Tanning Time

Oh, look at that. She works it in tan, too.

gal gadot instagram

Jade Empress

Jade has long been believed to represent wisdom, balance, and peace. This jade swallow on Gadot’s shirt begs one question: Can “beauty” be added to the list?

gal gadot instagram

Queen of the Nerds

Here’s Gadot at the San Diego Comic Con, dutifully signing books.

gal gadot instagram

Couching It

And here’s a third-person view of Gadot setting 4.1 million Instagram feeds on fire.

gal gadot instagram

Wardrobe Function

Remember what we said earlier about black-and-white photographs? Consider this shot in her dressing room another piece of evidence.

gal gadot instagram

By the Skin of Our Teeth

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Gadot wakes up like this—with flawless, radiant skin—every single morning.

gal gadot instagram

Blue Dream

She looks just as great in a blue crop-top as she does in a blue bikini.

gal gadot instagram

Woman in White

Gadot is an accomplished dancer of many years (specifically: ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop). Here she is wearing a ballerina costume, which we’d love to see in action.

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