13 Funny Quarantine Videos and Photos of People Entertaining Themselves

The ways people are keeping themselves entertained while under quarantine will make you smile.

Whether your town is in lockdown or you're self-isolating as a precaution amid the coronavirus pandemic, we all know now that quarantining is a challenge. But when life hands us lemons, the internet tends to make lemonade, not only in the form of coronavirus memes, but also with funny quarantine videos and photos that prove we can all make the most out of the claustrophobic #QuarantineLife. From bingo games on balconies to concerts for pet rocks, these creative folks will bring a smile to your face.

1. For most of us, the first week of quarantine began looking something like this:


2. But it didn't take long for people to realize they don't need to be in close proximity to have a party.


Soon, videos began emerging of Italians singing and, in some cases, dancing on their balconies in a show of solidarity.

3. Meanwhile, these two Spaniards decided to play an extra high-stakes game of tennis outside their windows.

Who needs a gym, am I right?

4. And some people have come up with other new quarantine games to play.

5. Or you can stick to the classics. All you need is a loudspeaker for a rousing round of quarantine bingo.

6. In fact, there are plenty of ways to stay busy and cultured while in quarantine—like motivating your Roomba by "mat talking" at it a la Jerry from Cheer

The Washington Post video producer Dave Jorgenson has been giving people master classes in getting creative while quarantining.

7. Or you can make a "Meme Museum" in your very own living room.

8. This could even be your chance to practice your musical talents before advancing to a sentient audience.

9. And who needs dominoes when you have books?


10. When all else fails, you can also just use an Amazon box to stay entertained.

11. You can also create your own version of Guess Who? with contestants from The Bachelor.


12. And, as these dating profile photos show, quarantining is no excuse to put your love life on hold.

13. Lastly, even if your cruise got canceled, you can still virtually hit the high seas.

We should all take a page from the book of this elderly couple in quarantine.

All of these funny quarantine videos and photos prove that humans are a resilient species, and we can find ways to make the best of things. After all, we may be isolated, but we're all in it together!

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