This French Bulldog Maternity Photo Shoot Is Just Too Cute for Words

Wait until you see the puppies!

This French Bulldog Maternity Photo Shoot Is Just Too Cute for Words

In today's day and age, it's common for couples to announce that they are becoming parents by posting a series of perfectly-lit professional photos on social media. So when Crystal Canion of El Campo, Texas, found out that her beloved French bulldog, Cozette, was pregnant, she thought it would be fun to do a very serious maternity photo shoot featuring the soon-to-be-mommy and her beau, Boudreaux.

"Crystal and I got together and came up with some fun, out-of-the-box ideas and started posing her like a person," Cristal Malek, the professional photographer who did the shoot, told Best Life.

The resulting photos are pawsitively perfect.

For example, here's Cozette boning up on the classic book everyone reads before the big day arrives.

And here she is channeling Beyoncé as she embraces her inner feminine goddess.

"Cozette really enjoyed the session, the fashion, the attention, and the treats," Malek said. "We definitely had fun in the studio."

And check out the happy couple together, seemingly already contemplating their next litter.

The photos were shared on the canine couple's Instagram account on Monday, and people couldn't get enough of their super sweet display of puppy love.

And it gets even better because their furbabies have arrived! Cozette gave birth to three female Frenchies and of course, Malek shot their first pawtraits.

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