Fly to Europe For $99 With This Amazing Deal

Tip: you'll have to act fast. Only 1,250 seats are available.

If you're a travel junkie looking for some insanely cheap flights for your next European jaunt, we've got the mother of all Black Friday deals for you. On Monday, Icelandic budget airline WOW air released fares as low as $99 for select flights from America to Europe from December 2017 through May 2018.

Let's get through the catches first. Firstly, the tickets are one-way only, which means that unless you're planning on fleeing the country indefinitely, you'll still need to buy a regular priced ticket back home (though even those are relatively cheap). Secondly, the $99 tickets are only from Boston, Chicago, and Pittsburgh to Reykjavik, Iceland; Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, England; and Dublin, Ireland. Though if you're based on the West Coast or down south, there are additional $129.99 one-way tickets to those destinations from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

The other catch if that you'll have to act fast because there are only 1,250 seats available at the $99 price point and another 250 seats for the $129.99 flights.

The good news is that this still leaves you with some pretty amazing deals for a cheap and spontaneous trans-Atlantic getaway. Perusing the flight options, some of the best options seem to be:

Washington D.C. to Reykjavik, November 27 ($99)-December 7th ($99). $198.99 roundtrip. 

Pittsburgh to Brussels, November 26 ($99)-December 4th ($149). $249.98 roundtrip. 

Boston to Amsterdam, December 3 ($99)- December 8th ($149.99). $249.98 roundtrip.

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