Why Now's The Best Time To Book a Trip to Europe

Airline costs are officially lower than ever.

If you've been thinking of finally booking a summer sojourn to Europe, but could never quite justify the cost, now's your time.

According to Kayak.com's annual Travel Hacker Guide, summer flights to Europe will be the cheapest they've been in three years, thanks in large part to the increasing competition of low-cost carriers like WOW Air and Norwegian Airlines. The U.S. dollar is also currently quite strong to the euro, the current exchange rate at $1 to 0.83 euros, which means Americans have the advantage both when you book the flight and when you land.

The average price of a roundtrip transatlantic fare is, according to the search engine, only around $700, which is 15% cheaper than last summer, and five percent cheaper than the summer before.

But Kayak isn't the only one offering insanely cheap transatlantic deals. WOW air recently released flights to Europe from the Northeast for as low as $99 one-way, and United Airlines is slashing prices for roundtrip flights to Stockholm, Sweden during May and June.

January is a great time to book flights in general, because people aren't really looking to travel, and airlines get panicked about filling seats, even if the flights are a long ways away. ABC reports that fares start to steeply drop on January 9th this year, and generally last through February. So if there's any place in Europe that you've been dying to see, now might be a good time to check out your favorite cheap flight fare finder! And for more smart travel advice, always remember the One Thing You Should Never Do with Your Boarding Pass. 

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