Fisherman Narrowly Escapes Being Dragged Into River by Furious Crocodile

“Honestly I don't know what went through my head.”

A fisherman who thought it was a good idea to taunt a saltwater crocodile got a shock when the reptile lunged at him, nearly pulling him into the water. Kody Duncan was fishing near Cairns, Queensland, when he spotted the croc lying quietly in the water next to some large rocks. Duncan claims to still not understand what was going through his head when he dipped the lure of the fishing rod over the crocodile's head, provoking the animal into a furious response. Here's what the video footage shows.

Strange Log


According to The Daily Mail, Duncan was fishing at the Wujal Wujal Falls, north of Cairns, Queensland, and got video of the incident as it was happening. Duncan spotted a crocodile quietly lying still under the water, nearly camouflaged by rocks. He zoomed in on the creature and can be heard sarcastically referring to it as a "strange log."

Provoking the Croc

Crocodile on river bank
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Duncan wasn't content to see the crocodile and move on with his day. Instead, the fisherman started splashing his fishing rod lure over the crocodile's head, trying to get the animal's attention. Saltwater crocodiles—even the babies—are notorious for being one of the most aggressive species in the world.

Mess Around and Find Out


Duncan had barely dipped the lure into the water twice when the crocodile decided enough was enough. It suddenly lunged out of the water towards Duncan, who was still filming the incident. The footage becomes chaotic as the man tries to get back and away from the cranky croc.

Why Did He Do It?


Duncan was clearly not expecting the reptile to move toward him so fast. He can be heard shouting and swearing as he runs away from the croc—while wearing Crocs. He later posted the footage on his TikTok account, where the commenters clearly thought he wasn't in his right mind. "Why did you think to do that though?" one person asked. Duncan replied, "Honestly I don't know what went through my head."

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Water Warning

nile crocodile in the water

Wujal Wujal Council makes it clear people should not get that close to the water. "Our common local law recommends that you stay at least five meters away from the edge of rivers, lagoons and water holes at all times. Our wildlife, even dangerous species like our crocodiles and snakes, are usually shy of humans and would rather move out of your way, unless you get too close to their territory."

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